About our Company

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Legal Company OÜ Marhena was created in 1992 – in period when Estonia began to impose visa system, to issue residence permits and citizenships, to issue alien’s passports and Estonian citizen’s passports. 

Our Company was one of the first legal agencies that began to give legal help to the population of Estonia in questions mentioned above. That areas remain main activity of our company. 

During 25 years of our work thousands of Estonian residents used the service of our company. Our clients were also from the near abroad and distant abroad, such as: China, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, USA, Kanada, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Israel, Cyprus, Island, Slovenia, Croatia, Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Moldavia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and others.

About our workers: All our office employees have a high education

Tatjana Ikim Lawyer, Mamber of managment board, Master of Economics, Master of Law.
 Has finished faculty of law at Tartu University and Tallinn Polytechnig Institute, has 20 years of working experience.
  High class specialist in solution making process of difficult problems related with residence permits and work permits. Provides real help for illegal immigrants with an allowance for constantly changing migratory legislation. Approaching individually and efficiently to the solutions people’s problems. Representing her clients’ interests at the Police and Border Guard Department and has appointments daily by preliminary registration.

Angelina Aaman- The Legal Specialist Lawyer of the Company, has finished faculty of law at Tartu University. Has 30 years working experience in judicial agencies. High class specialist in the area of civilian legislation. Fluent command of Estonian and Russian languages. Our Lawyer is advising and making statements of claims, answers on statements of claims and appeal cases on matters of property, dwelling, parental rights, divorse, alimony, reparation of damages and inheritance. Representing her clients’ interests in court and has  appointments daily by preliminary registration.

Kristina Veitman Executive director.
In 2003 has finished EuroUniversity on a specialization of International Relations, is owning Bachelors degree. Organizing and controlling working process and quality of providing service.
Working in Company since 2007. Good command of Russian, Estonian and English languages. Also participating in rendering of business service.

Natalia Sinjagovskaja- secretary- assistant

Knows Russian,Estonian and English languages. Has got professional computer education. Has a big work experience with different types of documents. Is good in IT and using different searching systems for getting information. Gives consultations and helps with information searching. Makes different works on computer-translations, visa invitations, scans and other operations.