Registering of temporary working

Short-time employment allows a foreign resident to work in Estonia up to 365 days during a year.

An employer may apply for registration of temporary employment in Estonia for a foreign resident arriving to Estonia on the basis of visa or visa free

* if a foreign resident needs visa for entering and staying in Estonia, he or she has to apply for a national  long-stay D-type visa for short-time employment. Before applying for visa, the short-time employment has to be registered in Estonia.

 Short-time employment can not be registered for a foreign resident who is staying in Estonia on the basis of residence permit. Citizens of the EU are not required to register their short-time employment.

According to the low, an employer is obliged to pay a foreign resident the salary that corresponds at least to medium gross monthly salary of the employer's principal activity published last Statistical Office, but not less than multiplication of the medium Estonian yearly salary and coefficient of 1,24 (at the present time, 1221 EUR monthly)

Amount of the salary to be paid to a foreign resident has to respond until his or her finalizing of employment to the one that has been published by the Statistical Office at the moment of applying for the short-time employment.

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