Residence permit

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The procedure of the execution of the documents for the residence permit in Estonia

for work/employment
for bussines (investors)
for etnic estonians
for study
for marriage
for settlement of parents to children/grandchildren
for settlement of children to parents

In this stage we should find out concrete purpose of our client and work out on the basis of the received information most suitable option for the documents. Should also determine the cost and due dates ot our service.

1. Collection and analysis of providing documents

For documents of residence permit in Estonia the client should provide copies of necessary dokuments and also personal data by answering on our questionnaires. On a base of that information we define client's chances to the positive result and specify the calculation of work and terms.

Our clients could be sure in safety and confidentiality of provided personal data to us.

2. Contract for legal help

In case of  wish to begin the residence permit work on the client's side, we forward via e-mail or through client representative to reviw the project of contract for legal help, where are mentioned the conditions, our and client's responsibilities, steps, costs of service.

3.Execution of the documents

After receiving the payment we begin the execution of the client's documents according to contract. We prepare the documents on a petition and forward them to the client for a personal submission to Estonian Embassy/Consulate general of Estonia abroad or to the Police and Border Guard Department in Estonia (PBG).

4. The submission of petition

The submission of petition is happening with client's personal presence in Estonian Embassy/consulate general of Estonia abroad or (only as an exception) at the PBG, where the client is going through the fingerprints capturing procedure. It is important to remember that there is necessary pre-entry registration by telephone or by e-mail to the consuls's appointment apply the documents. It is necessary to book time for the every package of documents (children's also) and consider that there might be queue in Estonian Embassy/Consulate general of Estonia to the applying of documents.

5. Informing of the client and consultation of process of residence permit at the PBG

During the process of reviewing the documents by commission we represent the clients's interests on all issues by power of attorney at PBG. We also participate in the creation of answers and providing additional documentation in the case of additional reguests of the immigration authorities.

6. The warranty

The National Register is making decision of registration of the company. The PBG is making decision of issuing the residence permit. The client should understand that our company can not affect on decisions made by officers of the PBG. On our side we guarantee the quality of our service of the execution of documents and also carry material responsibility to the client in the case of failure of execution of our fault if there are conclusive evidences.

7. The terms of execution of documents

Establishment of a new company/ready-made companies -1-3 days

Registration of documents in the Register of companies -up to 5 days

The execution of the residence permit documents - 5 days

The submission of  documents to the Estonian Embassy/Consulate general  or to the PBG-1 day

Waiting period for the decision for the residence permit -2-6 months from the moment of registration of documents at the PBG. (Time for post delivery of documents from Estonian Embassy/Consulate general of Estonia to the PBG does not  count.)

The receiving  of the temporary residence permit card at the Embasy -during 1 month after decision has been made.

The terms beging to count from the moment of provision of all necessary documents and paying of fees by client.


All clients who wish to get the temporary residence permit for work in European Union should remember that their companies should have activities, bookkeeping; member of the managment board should have salary, medical insurance, registration in the Register of the Population. It is desirable to have office ( but not necessary). Busines could be small or medium.

The right for the execution for the residence permit is spreading also to the main applicant's family members ( spouse and children).

The complex of service that we provide in assistance of execution of the temporary residence permit in the European Union for 2 years include:

  1. The assistance in registration of the companies and subsequent setting on tax and accounts   registration, office support;
  2. The assistance  in the execution of the documents for the residence permit
  3. Translation of documents ( notarial attestation also)
  4. The power of attorney for representing the interests ( if necessary)
  5. The representing the clients's interests at the PBG
  6. Consulting by telephone, e-mail, in office